Hearing Protection

If you’re exposed to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels for a continuous eight-hour stretch, it’s vital to use hearing protection. This level of noise might not appear excessively loud at first, but everyday activities like operating a bulldozer on a construction site or using a lawnmower can reach close to 90 decibels, posing a threat to your auditory health. Thus, it’s essential to take proactive steps to preserve your hearing in these situations.

Untreated hearing loss, regardless of its cause, can significantly impact overall wellbeing, which is why improved hearing protection is strongly advocated by Rawls Clinical Audiology. The good news is that there have been considerable advancements in hearing protection technology recently. There are now affordable and effective options available to protect your hearing, along with specialized types of protection designed for specific needs. Whether you’re a musician, a construction worker, or a first responder, you can find tailored hearing protection solutions that won’t hinder your ability to effectively carry out your responsibilities.