Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing impairment is a prevalent issue affecting a substantial population globally, with the incidence being notably higher in urban settings. This condition can manifest in either one or both ears, with varying degrees of severity from mild to profound. There are various forms of this ailment, each attributed to distinct causes and presenting unique symptoms. An in-depth grasp of the multifaceted character of hearing loss is key to its effective treatment and management.

Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss is a condition characterized by the damage or absence of the fine, hair-like cells in the cochlea or auditory nerve. This results in the transmission of feeble nerve signals to the brain, leading to impaired hearing. Numerous factors such as loud noise exposure, diseases, genetic predisposition, aging, head injuries, malformation of the inner ear, and the consumption of ototoxic drugs can lead to the development of sensorineural hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss is a condition that arises when sound transmission to the inner ear is hindered, usually due to issues with the outer or middle ear. Thankfully, most instances of conductive hearing loss can be successfully treated with medicines or surgery. If these treatment methods are not feasible, hearing aids can provide significant advantages. Typical causes of conductive hearing loss encompass fluid in the middle ear, ear infections, allergies, ruptured eardrums, compacted earwax (cerumen), benign growths, swimmer's ear, and foreign bodies stuck in the ear.

Hearing Loss

Mixed hearing loss is a condition that presents as a combination of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss in a person. It occurs when there's damage to both the outer or middle ear, as well as the inner ear or auditory nerve. While the conductive component may be treatable and potentially reversible, the sensorineural part is usually permanent. The main trigger for mixed hearing loss is an injury or trauma to the ear, although it can also result from a mix of different factors.